Tall or overgrown hedgerows
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Tall or overgrown hedgerows

This gallery shows examples of tall and overgrown hedges, from over mature leggy hedges to lines of trees. Without any form of management, the shrubs that make up the hedge will slowly turn into trees. Whilst we are big fans of trees in hedgerows, it isn't great for the whole hedge to turn into a line of trees as it will lose all the shrubby growth at the base that is so good for wildlife, and these tree lines are often less permeant than hedgerows can be.

H8 Tall and leggy hedgerow, which may have spreading tops. These have not been trimmed for many years and begin to lack significant foliage in the lower parts of the hedge. Stems are still healthy, but may be infrequent and sometimes getting too large to lay easily.


H9 Over-mature hedgerow, usually tall and leggy with spreading tops which might be dying back, risking collapse. The base of these hedges are thin, with little/no  significant woody foliage in the lower parts. May be developing gaps



H10 Line of trees. Without any management, these hedgerows have developed into a line of trees. They have very little, if any, woody undergrowth and may be increasingly gappy.


PTES Hedgerow Survey *

Current Hedgerow Statistics

Length of hedgerow surveyed

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Average number of woody species reported per 30m


* Statistics contain results from historic assessment results in addition to current online hedgerow surveys.