Rejuvenated hedgerows
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Rejuvenated hedgerows

This gallery shows hedges that have been rejuvenated through laying, coppicing or re-planting. All hedges managed with a lifecycle approach will require rejuvenation of this kind at some point.

H4a Recently laid approximately in the last 5 years. Hedge stems cut at base and laid on their sides. Depending on time since being laid, significant re-growth may have grown from the base. The horizontal stems (alive or dead) should still be visible



4b Recently coppiced Stems all cut at ground level approximately within the last 5 years. Stumps may be visible, or there may be significant regrowth from cut bases




H4c Recently planted Approximately planted within the last 5 years, stems may still be protected by tree guards.



PTES Hedgerow Survey *

Current Hedgerow Statistics

Length of hedgerow surveyed

768 km

Average number of woody species reported per 30m


* Statistics contain results from historic assessment results in addition to current online hedgerow surveys.