Hedge Management Cycle
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Hedgerow management cycle

It isn't possible to keep any hedge at the same point indefinitely without threatening its structure and very future. Hedgerows are a living dynamic habitat and so are best managed dynamically to reflect this.

Even the best managed hedge will need to be rejuvenated every once in a while, and luckily even poor, over-trimmed or neglected hedges can be restored by understanding this hedge cycle and managing accordingly.

The hedgerow management cycle shows how you can manage your hedge with nature in mind to ensure the hedge structure remains strong and the hedgerow thrives into the future. 

The image below outlines the management cycle, click here for a key to the hedge structures and their descriptions used in this diagram.

The hedgerow management 10 point scale on which this illustration is based was created by Nigel Adams, for more information visit Nigel Adams Countryside Management website here


PTES Hedgerow Survey *

Current Hedgerow Statistics

Length of hedgerow surveyed

786 km

Average number of woody species reported per 30m


* Statistics contain results from historic assessment results in addition to current online hedgerow surveys.