Healthy Hedgerows on paper
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Healthy Hedgerows survey on paper

Healthy Hedgerows is a rapid assessment survey method providing instant management options for each hedgerow surveyed. If you are unable to unable to use the phone app to survey, don't worry, this can also be done on paper and uploaded to this website to get the feedback.

You will need:

  1. A paper map of the area you are about to survey. This can be a printout from the internet, which you are happy writing on to create a hedge location reference
  2. A paper survey form which can be downloaded here: Healthy Hedgerows paper survey form pdf
  3. A copy of the hedge structure descriptions which can be downloaded here: Healthy Hedgerows hedge structure key pdf
    or a copy of the structure key with the hedge management cycle to contextualise each stage: Hedgerow management cycle with hedge structures key pdf
  4. A copy of the survey instructions, which can be downloaded here: Healthy Hedgerows survey guidance pdf

When it comes to inputting the data on this website, you will be asked to drop two pin points on a map to show where the hedge is located. For this reason, it is important to have a good system to record the location of each hedge. We recommend writing a unique reference on your paper map, adding this to the 'location reference' column of the survey form and using these together when adding this data to the website. These references may be numbers, letters, field or road names but must be unique, and link the paper survey data to the hedge on your map.

PTES Hedgerow Survey *

Current Hedgerow Statistics

Length of hedgerow surveyed

768 km

Average number of woody species reported per 30m


* Statistics contain results from historic assessment results in addition to current online hedgerow surveys.