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  • Arguably you can see more of the structure of a hedge in the winter, including the health of old stems at the base. However  we suggest doing this survey when the hedge is in leaf. For this survey it is important to be able to identify the woody species in your hedge, so we recommend doing it in any season that the hedges are in leaf, most likely April to October. Although it is possible to identify these species from their twigs, it is more likely that some species get missed and the hedge data doesn't reflect the true diversity of the hedge, it is also nearly impossible to accurately estimate the % coverage of species when their leaves are not out. 

  • PTES Hedgerow Survey

    Current Hedgerow Statistics

    Length of
    hedgerow surveyed

    545 km

    Average number of woody species
    reported per 30m


    % hedges in each
    main structure category

    • 52.5 Overtrimmed
    • 27.1 Dense and managed
    • 13.6 Tall and overgrown
    • 6.8 Recently rejuvenated

    Average trees/100m