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  • This hedgerow health check uses the simple information you tell us about each hedge. We look at hedgerow condition for both it's structural health and it's potential benefits to our native wildlife. For this reason we have broken the overall score down into three sores: a connectivity score, a structural score and a wildlife score. This means that when we look at the data, we will be able to see where and how improvements can be made so that our hedgerow network can best fulfil these roles.

    Find out more about hedgerow Connectivity, Structure and Wildlife scoring systems.


  • PTES Hedgerow Survey

    Current Hedgerow Statistics

    Length of
    hedgerow surveyed

    545 km

    Average number of woody species
    reported per 30m


    % hedges in each
    main structure category

    • 52.5 Overtrimmed
    • 27.1 Dense and managed
    • 13.6 Tall and overgrown
    • 6.8 Recently rejuvenated

    Average trees/100m