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  • We are creating a system that accepts both the Defra 'Standard procedure for local surveys in the UK' and our PTES hedgerow survey. Our PTES survey is derived from the standard procedure so you will see a number of similarities, but we have streamlined it and simplified it in the process; there is no longer an optional section B and there are a greater number of hedge structures to chose between, reflecting the stages in the hedgerow management advice.

    We have created our health check and management advice to fit our PTES survey, and so if you are interested in condition and management outcomes then we would suggest you may get more from this survey. However please do have a look at both survey forms to see which version suits the aims of your project best. Whichever survey you chose, please make sure to enter the results on this website so that your data can help us build a national picture of our hedge health.

  • PTES Hedgerow Survey *

    Current Hedgerow Statistics

    Length of hedgerow surveyed

    768 km

    Average number of woody species reported per 30m


    * Statistics contain results from historic assessment results in addition to current online hedgerow surveys.