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  • It is important to read the guidelines before you start your survey. They will clarify what is expected I the survey, how to count connections, what makes a hedgerow tree and more.

    Click here to read the survey guidelines online or here to download a copy you can print and take with you for reference.

    If you have any questions regarding the survey methodology, please email hedgerows@ptes.org; If you have queries about the procedure then others probably do too, let us know and we will clarify the guidance notes. 

  • PTES Hedgerow Survey

    Current Hedgerow Statistics

    Length of
    hedgerow surveyed

    545 km

    Average number of woody species
    reported per 30m


    % hedges in each
    main structure category

    • 52.5 Overtrimmed
    • 27.1 Dense and managed
    • 13.6 Tall and overgrown
    • 6.8 Recently rejuvenated

    Average trees/100m