Dense and well managed hedges
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Dense and well managed hedges

This gallery will show examples of dense and well managed hedges, from healthy dense hedges that are regularly managed to dense hedges that may have been in a minimum or non intervention period. Heights mentioned are just an indicator, and other structural features are more important when deciding the structure of a hedge.

H5 Healthy dense hedgerow, which have obviously been trimmed in the fairly recent past. They have frequent healthy stems, are dense amongst most of their length, with dense vegetation extending to their base. Typically 2m or more in height, but can be much larger - structure is a more important measure than size.



H6 Healthy dense hedgerow not recently trimmed, so may have ‘straggly’ appearance with protruding woody branches. They may be in a non-intervention stage of management or may be on a longer trim rotation, e.g. three year cut . Often about 3m or more in height.



H7 Hedges tend to have a straggly appearance with numerous long woody branches protruding from the main body. They are usually still quite dense, but increasing volume may start to shade the lower branches. They still have frequent healthy stems, and can be about 4m high. This is an unmanaged, overgrown version of H6

PTES Hedgerow Survey *

Current Hedgerow Statistics

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* Statistics contain results from historic assessment results in addition to current online hedgerow surveys.